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Our House

I've been living in Madison for about a month now and I'm finally starting to find my way around. School started and I don't seem to have as much time to go exploring. But I've been taking some pictures and I thought I'd share them with you.

Welcome to my house! Well it's not really just mine, I share it with about 30 other people. So, welcome to our house! While I was taking this picture the song "Our House" by Madness was playing in my head. I wish the people in my apartment complex were like the people in this music video. Click here to watch it.

If you walk about three blocks from my apartment there is a small park with a great view of one of the lakes. Being so close to a lake is really exciting for me. While growing up in Missouri, the closest lake was the Lake of the Ozarks with it's exotic vegetation (i.e. E Coli). So I'm going to make the most out of my new scenery. I've decided I really need to get a boat... or know someone who has a boat. I picture myself like this:

Playing records, wearing a cute sailing outfit and Humphrey Bogart. However, while I was picturing this tranquil scene with Bogart, my mind decided to ruin it by flashing this shot into my head:

I understand that sharks don't live in the lakes of Wisconsin but when I think of boating, I think of Jaws. What can I say?

The Madison Farmers Market is open every Saturday and it surrounds the Capitol square. There are stands selling vegetables, fruit, honey, spices, flowers, crafts, jewelry, and the list goes on and on. You could spend your entire morning at the farmers market. Luckily I live four blocks away from the Capitol and I can just walk to the market.

The first picture is right outside my apartment complex. Unfortunately, the best spot for pictures in is the middle of the road. (Yes, it was a close call. But I got the picture, right? Totally worth it!)

 The first picture is the restaurant Ella's Deli and Ice Cream Parlor. It's always full of families with lots of kids because of the giant 1920's carousel out front. I wish I could recommend it but I haven't been there yet. I feel as though I would look creepy sitting alone at a table watching all the kids ride the carousel (sigh, to be young again). So I'm waiting to go with my family or some friends. The second picture is my favorite coffee shop so far, Michelangelo's Coffee Shop on State Street. State Street is the main drag in the downtown area. It runs from the college campus straight to the Capitol. It is considered one of the main attractions here because the unique shopping and wide variety of restaurants. 

State Street is a pretty interesting place. The best things I've seen so far I don't have pictures of, unfortunately. Like the juggling club (that couldn't seem to juggle) practicing in the street, or the number of street musicians ranging in talent from really good to mediocre. My favorite was the accordion folk singer, she was singing some pretty interesting lyrics and was definitely the best of the bunch. I always feel thoroughly entertained after leaving State Street. 

But for now I'll leave you with some soothing pictures of the lakes.

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  1. Samantha, remember "SAFETY FIRST" when taking pictures.

  2. It looks so pretty up there!! And that coffee shop is totally adorable! I would probably go there everyday if I were you. And possibly walk over to the lake and sit with my coffee. I have no concept of distance though, so I don't know if that's really possible, lol.

    I'm definitely coming up to see you sometime. Then we can go to that deli/ice cream parlor! Because it looks pretty awesome. Not gonna lie.


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