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I Love Fall

I love everything about Fall. From the leaves changing to cooler weather, the fun holidays, wearing jackets and long sleeved shirts, buying pumpkins and the list goes on and on. Is there anything to not like about Fall?

This is a tree across my apartment complex. I just know in the next couple of days it's going to be bright with red and orange leaves. Just looking at it makes me want to scarf down a caramel apple.

Fall always seems like such a peaceful season, which is weird because it's usually extremely stressful and overwhelming with school and concerts. Actually, I'm not really sure why I think it's peaceful? Maybe it's because I tend to do a lot of baking in the Fall. The cooler weather makes me want to get in the kitchen and start baking (I'm sorry Ani DiFranco and Betty Friedan. I meant this in a firmly "independent woman" kind of way). This is the first year that I've had a kitchen the size of a closet though. So baking might be more a little more challenging. I'll let you know how it goes.

OK, so these pictures don't really look like Fall but I thought I'd include them. The first one is a picture from a hill on campus looking down on State Street (behind the trees) and the Capitol. The second picture is the Humanities Building which includes the Music Department and the other Fine Arts departments. It's huge building and a little confusing (I've been lost more times than I can count... but you probably already knew that, right?).

I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of Fall as much as I am. Check this out to see the campus in all the seasons (the pictures were taken from the top of the Humanities Building).

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