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New Troubles

 I got a brand-new, full-time, fancy-schmancy, grown up job. And since my lease is coming due in the near future, I've decided it's time to get a bigger place. As quaint as the last year and a half has been, 240 sq ft is not the most practical to have friends over or to do my Sweatin' to the 80s video. I've been searching the web and driving around looking for a new place to live. While I'm making more money than I ever have, my close friends Sally Mae and Señior Private Loan are keeping me in a choke hold.   
Always have a safe word. {via}
 So it'll probably be another studio apartment but a little more spacious this time. Maybe 400 sq ft. In the meantime here are some weird things that have been happening:

Springtime. Birds are chirping. Flowers are blooming. Finding a bug in my apartment. A big one.
Troubling: Approaching the bug and thinking, "You're going to need a bigger shoe."
"Nevermind, the apartment's all yours." {via}
Looking for a bigger apartment.
Troubling: 1. Hoping that cute looking apartment I just drove by is crappy enough on the inside that I can afford it.
2. Hoping that crappy apartment that I can afford is nice enough on the inside that I don't get some kind of fungal foot disease.

Two of my favorite things: lip gloss and strong coffee.
Troubling: Picking out a spring shade of gloss with a nice sales lady and realizing I have a big ol' coffee ground stuck in my front teeth.
Teeth, they prefer tea. Makes sense. (Want to know more about teeth? Click here.)
Spending the last few weeks searching for a new apartment. Coming home to my "cozy" studio one evening and my key doesn't work.
Troubling: Realizing my apartment is never going to let me leave.
Troubling#2: And it's not going to let me have my stuff back.

Or it's just being haunted by Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis. {via}

Not having any idea of where I'm going to live next year, but knowing it won't be here.
Troubling: Feeling a little bit sad about it.

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