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My Parents

    The month of August was a particular month for me. I moved back home for two weeks before moving to Madison. During this time I came to remember the quirkiness of my parents. Several scenes keep replaying in my head as I remember those two weeks.

Scenario One: I was riding in the car with my father and on the radio the commercial about the  Mormon religion. You know it, it’s the one where every person in the Mormon religion talks about how great it is to be Mormon. (I wouldn’t know. I’m not a Mormon.) So we were listening to this commercial and when it was finished the conversation went like this:

    Sam: “Wow, it must be great to be a Mormon...”
    Dad: “Yeah, it’s like, ‘HEY!!! WHERE ARE MY MORMON PAR-TAY PEOPLLLLEE?!!”

Apparently my dad was referring to another radio commercial from one of the local bars in the area. It probably would have made more sense to me if I had heard this commercial... but I hadn’t and ended up just laughing at my middle aged father giving a shout out to his Mormon peeps.

Scenario Two: My parents took me out to eat one evening at the cajun restaurant JAZZ in Columbia, MO. We were eating our appetizer when the song “Shake Your Money Maker” came on. I made some sarcastic comment about shaking your money maker and all of a sudden my mom grabs her stomach and begins gyrating to the beat. I was so shocked a piece of popcorn shrimp might have dropped out of my mouth. My mom believes her money maker is her stomach and she was definitely shaking it... in a very full restaurant.

Scenario Three: The last few days spent with my parents were in Madison. We went to this little pub down the street from the Capital for lunch. The waiter came by to take our orders and asked what kind of fries we wanted. There were four different kinds: Regular, Parmesan, Cajun, and Sexy fries. Sexy fries were a combination of the Parmesan and Cajun fries. While the waiter clearly explained this to us, my mom kept referring to them as “Down and Dirty" fries. Even though this was at least a week ago, I still have know idea why she would call them "Down and Dirty" and I really don’t want to know where she learned to talk like that.

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  1. I know where your sense of humor comes from.... :P

    Still love ya anyway! :)


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