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Irrational Fear #1

     You may not know this but I have several irrational fears. Some of these fears stem from childhood events and others have been acquired more recently. No matter where these fears started they all have one thing in common... they are irrational.

    For example, during my undergrad in St. Louis, MO I lived in a really nice two bedroom apartment. One of the rooms was used as my bedroom and the other I used only for storage. The thing is, I was terrified of this spare bedroom. It had a creepy closet and the floors were really old so they were always groaning and creaking. Of course during the day time I never really thought about the spare bedroom, but at night? Well, at night was a different story. I swore to all of my friends that it was haunted. During this time I was watching a lot of Lifetime movies. Big mistake, it only contributed to my fear and allowed my very vivid imagination to run amok. In my mind something was lurking in the spare bedroom. Something along the lines of this:

 or this:

Yes, the second picture is Patrick Bergin from Sleeping with the Enemy. If you’ve never seen it he plays Julia Robert’s abusive, obsessive husband and he haunted my nightmares for two weeks after watching it on Lifetime. After confiding in a friend, he recommended I get a “live-in nanny” to take care of me. (Not a bad idea.)
    But this was five years ago and I’ve since outgrown my fears of empty spare bedrooms. However, I seemed to have acquired a new irrational fear. A fear of My Bathroom Drain.

    It’s old, it looks weird, and no matter how much Clorox Bleach or Lime Away I use it always looks gross. When I take showers all I can think about is what kind of creature could be living just below my drain, waiting for it’s moment to strike. This is usually what my mind comes up with:
Why yes, that is the giant sand worm from the movie Tremors. (And yes, it does make me start thinking about Kevin Bacon.) I’m hoping I will soon outgrow my this fear because I don’t have room for a nanny come live with me. But for now... check out the Oracle of Bacon.

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  1. Bahaha ... I'm glad the fear of spare bedrooms is gone! I'm kind of with you on the drain thing though. Totally creepy. Mine is a little sketch actually. Pretty rusty. Ew.

    Also, I'm lovin the Oracle of Bacon. =)


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