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I'm going to resist the temptation to start this blog: It's been several months since my last confession...

But it has been awhile. It's not that strange events haven't been happening or odd people haven't said offhanded things to me. I've had things to say and stories to tell. It's not like my upstairs neighbor didn't get burglarized twice in the first two weeks living in my new apartment. Or that I only used my 150 sq ft bedroom for the first two months living in my 480 sq ft apartment because I didn't have any furniture. Or that my co worker revealed that she loves Trans- Siberian Orchestra...

Don't say that {via)
Or even that my skirt crept up so I flashed the entire men's church choir my backside.

All those things DID happen. 

I've been busy. You know that thing where you don't have time to paint your nails or pluck those Brooke Shield brows let alone type a blog post? (I picture you all nodding your heads with mutual respect and understanding).

Worst of all, how did the holiday season sneak up on me? Of all people. And yet, it did.

 I spent the Thanksgiving holiday without my family having to work for the state Wisconsin on the following Friday. And even though I was without the ones nearest and dearest to me I was filled with hope and happiness. You might be asking: Why? Do you have a dysfunctional family that makes you flee from family dinners? Perhaps. But that's not the reason. I'm currently on the upside of SAD (Seasonal affective disorder). A terrible disorder that affects multiple first world citizens.
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I get really happy during the winter months and terribly sad during the summer. Right now is the perfect time to ask me for a favor or talk about the future. Even if you were a total stranger asking for a different job while volunteering at a free Thanksgiving dinner so you don't have to stand next to me and that wouldn't even get me down!

While I'm riding this wave of positive bliss I plan to make the most of it. Get things done. Like my Christmas shopping. In the meantime I'm making my list and hoping for one of these:
because I want to be single forever

Or this:
better ask for some new running shoes too...

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