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Thursday, March 8, 2012 in

Working Class Hero

I have an announcement. And it's kind of a big deal, so prepare yourself.

In the next month, I will no longer be living below the poverty line. That's right, I will be introduced to the luxuries of the lower middle class.
Can I borrow that top? {via}
Now instead of crunching the numbers before every purchase, I can put the saying, "Keepin' up with the Joneses" to a very minimal use. Generic brand? HA! Actually, I'll still need to buy the generic brand. It's not like I found a money tree. But now when it says buy three and save, I can buy three and save. (You know, instead of just buying one because that's all I could afford even though it would make more sense and save you more money in the long run to buy all three (breath)... You know.)

I might have to start listening to the Boss so I don't lose touch.

An article, from a reputable source (wikipedia), stated most Americans between the ages of 25-75 spend at least one year living below the poverty line.
The Poverty Line. It has a face. Eerily similar to Angela Lansbury {via}
I spent ten months below the poverty line, but I'm getting out early. Precocious? No. It means I have AT LEAST another two months in the next fifty years to get real poor again.

Looking forward to it.

But to my current and soon to be past place of employment, it's been real. We've had some good times.
Don't wear your hair that way.

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