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Troubling Sights

Some things just can't be unseen.

Middle-aged man walking down the sidewalk wearing a wife beater, white shorts and flip flops.
Troubling: He was proudly displaying a black ankle bracelet, of the house arrest variety.
Much like:
Picture found on A website I wish I didn't know about.

WebMD describes how older people sleep less than their younger counterparts.
Troubling #1: In the last week, I've had two sleepless nights. Not a wink. I've been 25- years- old for less than a month.
Troubling #2: Telling people about this in a blog.

Buying a plant at the farmer's market.
Troubling: The horrified look on the farmer's face after telling him I kill every plant I own.

Going on job interviews.
Troubling: Realizing all the managers bear a striking resemblance to Michael Scott.
hm... {via}

While on a coffee run, seeing a woman in her bathrobe sitting on her front porch.
Troubling: She was sitting spread eagle, and unfortunately, not wearing a stitch.

All of these incidents happened in one week.
Troubling: Realizing it's the same every week of my life.

2 Comments So Far:

  1. one: i love your blog layout.
    two: i've never actually seen a person with that anklet thingy on.
    three: wtf is house arrest, even? just being confined at home? with tv and the fridge and your own bed? uhmmm... okay. SURE!
    four: does house arrest even WORK?!? (seeing as how people under house arrest can still walk out in public and all that...)
    five: sorry for my "obsession" on house arrest -____-
    six: LOL @ naked woman in bathrobe. (and your subsequent bad luck at noticing her.)

  2. Wow! Thanks for reading. I thought only my parents and some friends were reading it!
    I agree totally. House arrest? Doesn't sound that bad to me...
    Thanks again for reading!
    I'm about to head over to your blog next!


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