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A Look Back: Halloween

Happy Halloween! I can’t really say that I’ve celebrated Halloween in a few years or even remember most of my Halloweens past the age of 13.

Well, except for Halloween Car-Gate of 2008. Two years ago on Halloween someone tried to steal my car. I was at an old boyfriend’s house in Kansas City and some hooligans wedged the window open, tore into the steering wheel column and tried to hot wire my car. I don’t know anything about stealing cars but apparently they did a poor job. I was left with a busted up car that is still trying to recover from the trauma. Isn’t it strange that after living four years in St. Louis, which ranked in the top five most dangerous city in America all four years, someone tried to steal my car in K.C.?

But most of my Halloweens have been pretty nice. Like most American children, I loved dressing up in costumes. My brother and I always had interesting costumes, that were usually made by my mother. Eric, my older brother, usually went as something weird or scary and I always went as something cute. Pretending to be something scary was... well just too scary for me. I’ve never had a very firm grip on reality.

My favorite one from my childhood was probably the year I went as a unicorn. It was pink and purple (because I was girl) with a hood that had a gold horn attached. My brother went as a dinosaur.

Couple of Extinct Animals
Best Unicorn Eva
I think my poor mother had a hard time figuring out how to make her one- year- old daughter into a unicorn but she was a magic worker.

Then there was the year that I went as a blue and yellow butterfly. I remember really loving this costume too. Actually I loved it so much that a few weeks after Halloween I tried to duplicate it by taking fingernail polish and making circles all over my face.  The end result was probably pretty terrifying. As was getting the fingernail polish off my face.

As I look back on all the costumes I’ve been over the years, I noticed a common trend. One year I went as a gypsy, another as a pirate, then there was the red-wig/Elvira costume.
Living a life of crime

Now, that's some good hair.

What do all these costumes have in common? An emphasized dark, well manicured eyebrow. My mother didn’t just make my costumes she also did my makeup for Halloween too. And the one thing that stayed consistent as the finishing touch to each costume was the thick, cakey layer of mascara lavishly applied to my young brows. I’m not really sure what this was or how it went with each costume but year after year, a thick eyebrow I had.

Maybe the funniest costume this was applied to was the year I went as a gypsy. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of this but I still remember the costume. I wore a long colorful skirt with a white shirt, big hoop ear rings, and lots of bracelets. As my mother painted my face with colorful eye shadows and added a “Marilyn” mole, she topped it all off with a very thick, stereotypical, politically incorrect layer of mascara to my eyebrows.

Here are some of the other costumes from my past. I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween.

Spiderman and a Precious Ballerina

Oh Eric...

Why did the ghost go into the bar?  For the Boos
(Warning: this joke is not going to make you any friends)

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