Saturday, October 2, 2010


Crew setting up the stage the night before.
On September 28, 2010 President Obama visited the UW Madison campus. It was an exciting day and started out as such.

In the morning, while walking to school, there were gates sectioning off Library Mall which fortunately (or unfortunately for the Debbie Downers) is across from the Humanities building. While walking through the gates I got to see the secret service huddle up while getting instructions for the day. I wanted to get a picture of them because most of them were “disguised” as college students equipped with backpacks and chucks, but I pictured myself getting chased down and tackled. This wouldn’t have been so bad but they probably would have taken my camera away (Cue Paul Simon here).

School went on as usual except my afternoon rehearsal was cancel so students could attend the Obama visit. The speech was scheduled for 5:30 and the gates opened at 3:30. I naively thought I get in line at 2:30 and be able to get through the gates. As I made my way to the back of the line, I think I passed the 24,000 people it was estimated attended the speech. I’ve never seen so many people standing in a line before in my life. This will strangely make me rethink the lengthy lines during the holiday season.

While waiting in line for two hours, I was able to do some Wisconsin people watching. There were the expected protesters, the loud supporters, and the biggest category, the people bitching about standing in line.
But there was some entertainment. Like the older gentleman making his way to the back of the line with his wife. He stopped and tried to “sell his ticket” to the group in front of me. His wife responded with dismay, “He seems to think that’s funny.” After seeing this, the older man standing behind me tried unsuccessfully to think of variations on this joke. In my opinion, when a joke is already corny, it doesn’t need variations. And then there was the guy walking to the end of the line with some little kids, who entitle the lengthy line as: “Obama’s Forever Line.” I thought this was really funny at the time because it did feel like Obama’s forever line. Looking back, it’s not so funny.

After waiting for over two hours, we were told the gates had closed and it was a free for all to sit on the hill facing Library Mall. However, the sound cut in and out and there was not a screen to view. I ended up leaving to get a sandwich.
Blood shot eyes from being among the public too long.
The day took an even worse turn when I returned home that evening to find my car had been towed. Apparently a request was made to clear the street my car was parked on because it was on part of Obama's exit. When I called to find out where my car was towed to the police women said the no parking signs had been up for the previous two days. Isn't it funny how an entire block full of cars seemed to miss these signs and were towed? (Something smells fishy to me...) 

The Obama Day started out with such promise and ended with a total disaster.

I understand that it is not Obama’s fault that I didn’t get to see him, or that I had to wait in line for hours to sit on a grassy hill, or even that my car was towed. But I can’t shake this pathetic feeling of blame. As I looked at the empty street, where my car used to be legally parked just that morning, I couldn’t help thinking, “Hilary wouldn’t have towed my car.”

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  1. ha...I'm sorry you had to go through that! But looking back years from now, I'm sure you will find it quite amusing.


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