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Measuring a Year

Five thousand, twenty-five hundred, six hundred minutes... how long will it take you to get that song out of your head?

It's reflection time. Just fair warning, there is probably going to be a lot of over sharing in this one.
Reflections. Think Christina Aguilera, pre-dirty years {via}
This post makes me wish I kept one of those creepy diaries that documents every minute and every detail, of every day (I know you people are out there with your closets full of weird notebooks), but I don't like diaries. While I do love The Notebook (explanation: I'm a girl, Josh Gosling),
'nuff said {via}
I haven't had a love affair worth recording and frankly, I do a lot of things I hope to immediately forget.

But I digress, this is a reflection on the last year living in a 240 square foot apartment and the beginning of a new life in yet another city.

Let's begin with living in this apartment, the center of this blog. It hasn't been easy. I've never lived in such a tiny space for such a long duration of time. Have I kept my sanity? What little I started out with, probably (it's not like I think there is a little man living in my head with a pick axe, whistling dwarf tunes, slowly chipping away at my sanity). I've never had a problem with claustrophobia before, but some days it does feel like the walls are suffocating me and I just have to get out for awhile. I thought of a good simile for claustrophobia, but during editing found it a little heartless.
give it a rest
When I left Kansas I made an oath... well, to summarize: to stay single for a year. It might surprise you but since I was eighteen, I've either been in a relationship or dating someone, never staying single for more than a month or two. So, how did this year go? Unfortunately, it was incredibly easy to stay single (besides one little, tiny, three week long, snafu... but let's just ignore that one...).

Fun Fact! Parking tickets: over 20. Preposterous? Not exactly. 
No, this doesn't make me (or my parents) proud.

Something that does make me proud? My new emerging sense of direction. I haven't been lost since that time I went to the art fair and had to circle the capital three times before I found the street I live on (OK OK, this happened a few weeks ago, I was on foot, and yes, I only live three blocks from the capitol. But that doesn't mean it isn't completely confusing, disorienting, and could happen to anyone).
Nevertheless, over the last year I think I've done some growing. Luckily because I've been exercising, it hasn't all been in my pant size but rather a growth in a more philosophical way. Or like smarts and stuff. I'm not too vain that I can't admit to some mistakes. But as I reflect on the last year, I didn't think there would be so many. Someday I'm sure I'll sit down, evaluate my poor but consistent choices, and listen to MJ's Man in the Mirror.

But for now, as a quick fix, here is a list of what I learned in the past year and my advice to anyone who might need it (...pretty much if you've read this far, that means you):

• Don't sign up for a free online dating website (Hint: it starts with OK and ends with Cupid.) No matter how much fun your friends say it's going to be, you'll find yourself shocked by graphic and crude propositions and left finding a new favorite coffee shop because one of them came from a much older barista with a memory for faces.
• Eating chili on a hot summer day, bad idea. Eating chili on a hot summer day then going out for a run, worse idea.
• Just because it's adorable and has big brown eyes doesn't mean it should live in your apartment.
This applies to men as well.
• Uggs and leggings substituted as pants makes a vein in my forehead twitch.
• Mixing cleaning chemicals while scrubbing a small bathroom without ventilation is a bad idea. 
• If someone says something mean to you but in a nice friendly way, it's still mean. Even if they wink.
• Average life of a house plant, one month.
Not even a fake bird could hold this plant to life.
• Loving 80s music is probably a little odd for a 20 something year old. Still wanting to grow up to be in an all girl, glam rock band? Depressing. 
Jem and the Holograms ruined my life {via}
• Some people love peanut butter on bread. Others love peanut butter so much that they'll scoop it out of a jar, in a store, with their grimy, heathen fingers.
• Haters love to hate.

Throughout the past year, I've had some trying times, made new friends, witnessed bizarre behavior, started new hobbies, and made my fair share of mistakes with a few minor triumphs sprinkled in to make getting out of bed everyday feasible. I haven't decided yet if moving to Madison was a good decision for me, but it's definitely given me a new prospective on life and a few good stories to make my life seem interesting. 
So here's to you: the city of Madison for not completely crushing my spirit, my "cozy" apartment for giving me shelter and not snipping those last strands of sanity, and to the all readers I've accumulated over the last year with this blog. It's been a quite a year. Let's dig deep and make it through another.

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