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Scary and Not

Remember in Scream when Drew Barrymore is blond and she's on the phone with Ghostface and he asks, "Do you like scary movies?" And then there's the crazy chase scene through the house, fire, blood and finally ending with (spoiler alert!) a hanging?!

I don't watch scary movies because I can't handle them. And by scary, I am including movies shown on the Lifetime channel and anything with Christopher Walken (he creeps me out). But once a year, I make an exception. In the weeks leading up to Halloween I really get into the spirit. Not in a gothy, hang out in morgues, seance kind of way but in a much more normal way like decorating your house and watching people do weird things, like this:
Pig tails were a good choice {via}
geez {via}
I admit, I haven't watched any scary movies lately (besides Muriel's Wedding which was scary in a very different way) but I have been appreciating all the spooky and bizarre decorations popping up around town. It seems decorations can go two ways: scary or disappointing. One example: a couple streets from my parent's home there is a family that puts out a cemetery every year. I know what you're thinking. Cemetery? That sounds creepy. But no, this fake cemetery is not creepy. Why? It's tiny. Not Steven King Pet Sematary...
Cujo: The Conclusion? {via}
but smurf graveyard.
picture true to size
From what I learned last year, Madison loves it's Halloween. They really do it up right. I've tried to take some pictures of some good ones.
Time to share: (this could be as bad as any slide show vacation pictures...)

Stage Left... Packers?
Stage Right


The last one is my favorite because it reminds me of a scene from my favorite movie growing up, The Last Unicorn. Yeah, it's got unicorns, wizards, Mia Farrow. If you've never seen it, drop what you're doing right now, call your parents and demand to know why they ruined your childhood. Then watch this:
Hope everyone is enjoying their fall. I have to include one more picture. This one isn't a Halloween decoration it's just a painting I found in an antique mall. I think that makes it scarier.

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