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Just a hat? I like your style.

Did you smell that? That's the pungent smell of desperation as guys of all ages try to create an evening of sweet and thoughtful gestures for their "Pooky Bear."

Love it or hate it, it's almost Valentine's Day. I tend to feel pretty indifferent about it. Unless I get some chocolate, then my vote starts swinging towards loving it.

Valentine’s Day is one of the worst (/best) days out of the year for things to go terribly wrong. And, let’s be honest, they usually do. I have to admit, there's something funny about hearing others’ uncomfortable and failed romantic dates (I know it's wrong. Stop judging me).

In my experience most guys aren’t romantic, unless you’re dating a Harlequin Romance writer (In which case an awkward Valentine’s Day isn’t your biggest problem.)
I find this incredibly romantic
FAILED ROMANCE: An old acquaintance once told me about his gift to his then-girlfriend. It was the typical Valentine’s Day. He saved for weeks to buy her flowers, candy and a pricey bracelet. Sounds great, but it was more like the conditions for a perfect storm. She wasn't on the same page, unfortunately, and gave him one of those cookie cakes from the mall.
Happy Tenth Birthday!
The girl had asked the cookie stand to put, in french of course, “I love you” with frosting. When he opened it his disappointed expression lead to a very dramatic fight. To make matters worse she also bought him a pair of silk boxers with hearts on them.
Boxers ≠ True Love {via}
We’ve all heard these stories. There’s so many ways for it to go wrong: miscommunication, hurt feelings, dramatic fights and maybe best of all, the exchange of really terrible gifts.

“Do you even know me?” should probably never be uttered on Valentine’s Day. So I did a little research and came up with a list of things to avoid giving your "Cuddle Cakes" on the fourteenth.

Don't get a cutesy stuffed animal.
"I don't know you. At all." {via}

Or a Venereal animal.

"Surprise! I've been meaning to tell you..." {via}

Undies/lingerie. As good as your intentions, just don't.
No {via}
Made in the USA? NO {via}

On a related note, Pajamagrams. Every girl knows that this store ships overnight. Just sayin.
"I got you these creepy footsie pajamas" {via}
Don't get your girl a globe. Because she'll never forget that you got her a globe. On Valentine's Day. She will NEVER forget.

Red flag {via}

Candlelit dinners at Pizza Hut, White Castle or Chick-fil-A.
Pizza Party!/unforgettable night
If you're struggling for the perfect gift for your "Huggalump," just keep it simple. Put on some slow jam and give a thoughtful card. Like this:
Always {via}

Happy Valentine's Day

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